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Spain is where we both develop our fabric technology and manufacture all our products. Ecodry is a Spanish brand that exports its fight against coronavirus to the whole world.

Science and technology into your face mask

The structure of the virus and its interaction with surfactants and sanitisers opened the door for a solution that eliminates COVID-19 virus in less than two hours. Enter if you want to know more about the scientific and technological advances of the fabric that will become the future for healthcare workers.


We take care of both your skin and your health

Ecodry’s technology protects you and your skin 24/7. Our face masks are made of natural products and have undergone the strictest controls of harmful substances in fabrics in contact with the skin.

We protect health, we protect the planet

At Ecodry, we’re strong advocates of sustainability and environmental care. Both our products and the packaging that contains them have been developed following environmental and eco-design criteria to minimize our impact. We believe it’s impossible to protect our health without taking care of the planet. All our face masks and packaging are biodegradable.

Official Ecodry Shop

In our store you’ll find the best Ecodry face masks, the only ones on the market with high certifications guaranteeing that COVID-19 is killed when it comes into contact with the fabric. You’ll also enjoy a face mask that’s a lot better than FFP2 or cloth face masks, as ours don’t generate bacteria or fungi in your mouth. Enjoy life, use Ecodry technology.


Suport a la promoció exterior de
la Comunitat Valenciana 2021.
Import rebut: 48.107,10 Euros.

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