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Frequent questions

Why does it say on Ecodry’s packaging and website that our face masks last for 10 washings when the fabric life spam, strength and properties are greater?

According to current regulations, all face masks that meet a certain certification level must indicate that they should be replaced after 10 washings, although, as in the case of Ecodry, their anti-viral effectiveness is lab-certified for over 100 washings at 60 degrees.

Why is moisture generated inside the face mask?

When there’s a big difference between the outside temperature and body temperature, some moisture can be generated inside an Ecodry face mask. This is due to the condensation produced by the temperature difference and it’s a guarantee that the face mask is protecting us, since the moisture generated by our body is unable to cross the protective barrier created by Ecodry.

Unlike other face masks on the market, where this condensation creates an optimal environment for the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, condensation in Ecodry is harmless, since its biocides prevent the formation of any pathogens.

Why doesn’t my Ecodry face mask have a nose clip?

Because it doesn’t need to. The only function of the nasal clip on some face masks is to help us fit them properly to the face. The ergonomic design of Ecodry face masks makes them fit perfectly to the face, so nose clips aren’t necessary.

Is this product suitable for pregnant women?

There’s no risk associated with the use of Ecodry face masks during pregnancy.

Is it suitable for practising sports?

With its above-average breathing rate and ergonomic design, the Ecodry face mask is perfect for practising sports with complete safety and peace of mind.

How long can I wear my Ecodry face mask?

Unlike surgical face masks that need to be discarded within a few hours, Ecodry ones have an unlimited use time. Therefore, you can use your Ecodry face mask as much as you need it, making it the ideal choice for long-term use due to its breathability, comfort and safety.

How should I store my Ecodry face mask while I’m not using it?

Friction can damage the fabric if you keep the face mask in pockets, wallets or bags, and, although it won’t lose its biocidal properties, its integrity may be damaged. It’s better to leave it on a clean, ventilated surface. Its fabric is self-sanitising and it’s not at risk of contamination.

When removing your face mask, always remember to use the elastic bands. This way, you’ll avoid touching the fabric. It’s also important to never twist your face mask.
You can store your face mask in a breathable mask-friendly case, but, if you want to maximize your virus protection, we recommend you use Ecodry cases, with the same anti-COVID-19 fabric as your face mask.

When should I wash my Ecodry face mask?

It’s not necessary to wash Ecodry face masks as the fabric they’re made of is sanitising. However, it’s true that a recommended number of washings is indicated on the face mask packaging. This is the number given for all face masks within the same standard, regardless of its particularities, and has to appear by law.

If you want to wash your Ecodry face mask, you can be sure that the fabric won’t lose its biocidal action against the virus and that it will also maintain an antibacterial filtration rate of 98.1% after 10 washings. Its effectiveness has been tested in a laboratory, and it’s been proven to keep its properties after over 100 washes at 60ºC.

Despite the anti-wash efficiency, and for hygienic reasons, it’s advisable to wash the face mask once a week and to discard it after 10 washes.

How should I wash my Ecodry face mask?

Ecodry technology doesn’t need to be washed because its fabric is sanitising thanks to its biocidal properties (that would be like washing tablet soap). In addition, since it’s waterproof, it won’t get wet either, just as happens with raincoats.

Even so, if you want to remove food, make-up or dirt caused by use, you must use a damp cloth. You should avoid using the washing machine or a dryer.

If you have any further questions about washing, you can consult these washing and drying tips:

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