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The only face mask in the world capable of eliminating COVID-19

It sounds implausible, but it actually does. Ecodry is the only face mask in the world capable of eliminating COVID-19. When the virus comes into contact with the face mask, its fabric traps it and a process in which more than 99 % of the viral load has disappeared within 2 hours of the first contact begins. According to some reports, breathability in our face masks is also far better than in most similar products on the market, with a data of 41,7 Pa/cm2.

Highest certification

Ecodry meets all the criteria set by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and has been tested by the main national and European bodies, passing the strictest safety controls. Therefore, all our products comply with CWA17553:2020 and UNE 0065:2020, with test number AR-21-YL-001374-01-EN.

Ecodry’s fabric ,treated with static biocides, has been, in turn, tested in external laboratories. The results of these tests showed a total inhibition of the virus (99%) after two hours. Thanks to this result, our face masks obtained the ISO 18184 certification, which determines the antiviral activity of textile products. A certification granted by the European MSL laboratory specialised in microbiological testing and in the compliance of international standards.

In the same way, this fabric is registered under PT2, PT and PT9 classes within the European Union Biocide Product Registration, and has passed all the tests carried out by Eurofins Textile Testing Spain as a product that eliminates harmful substances, with test number AR-21-YL-001228-01-EN.

The fabric of the future

The technological development of our fabrics comes from the study of COVID-19 and its characteristics. The analysis of the structure of enveloped viruses, the well-known crown, and the interaction of its lipid layer with surfactants and sanitisers opened the door to the creation of Ecodry. In Ecodry fabric, the waterproof and breathable outer layer is fused with the internal protection filter. A waterproof and natural fabric, free of chemical additives and treated with biocides certified as COVID-19 reducers and as preventers of the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi. This, in addition to ensuring your safety, prevents the abrasions on your skin caused by the use of face masks.

Ecodry face masks aren't made of cloth or woven. They’re of the same type of material as the FFP2 and FFP3, which is known as TNT or NON-WOVEN. It’s a non-woven fabric.

All our products and packaging are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

The biocide solution

The biocides used are an aqueous dispersion of reactive polymers specially designed against encapsulated or enveloped viruses, such as coronavirus.

What makes Ecodry a unique fabric on the market is that its biocides don't migrate: the product is static and it’s fixed on the textile fibre, where it performs its activity. Until now, most biocides were dynamic, which led them to act not only in fabrics but also in their field of action, in the case of face masks, our face and skin.

This migration made, on the one hand, biocides disappear as you washed the face mask, and, with them, their protection. On the other hand, they affected the skin and could even remove the flora from its surface.

This advance — the discovery and application of non-migratory biocides — has created anti-COVID-19, fungi and bacteria fabrics, without any danger to human skin, thus becoming the reference fabric in the healthcare world. Biocides are also cross-linked and are fixed on the external textile fibres, so they don’t disappear when you wash them, and, therefore, neither does their protection.

Design: ergonomics and safety

Along with its biocidal technology attached to the atomic-scale fabric, design is another differential factor of Ecodry face masks. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, Ecodry face masks fit perfectly to your face, which prevents air or vapour from being expelled to the outside as well as prevents most particles from travelling in the air we breathe.

Unlike other face masks,
like surgical ones, with which air comes in from the sides and the top, Ecodry’s ergonomic design protects us and the people around us.

Committed to safety

Our products, all manufactured in Spain, have undergone the strictest safety controls and have been tested by the main national and European bodies to check their composition and effectiveness. All our fabrics are made mainly of viscose (cotton) and short-fibre polyester. Carbon fibre, a highly carcinogenic substance found in most similar products on the market, has been removed from its composition.

Ecodry face masks aren't sewn together to prevent needle perforation when passing the thread. Ultrasound sealed face masks are manufactured with the same technology used in PPE (surgical face masks, FFP2 and FFP3).

Environmentally responsible

All our products have been manufactured in accordance with our responsibility and commitment to the environment. It’s not possible to take care of our health without taking care of the planet. All of them are biodegradable, free of environmentally harmful chemicals and free of heavy metals.

Consejos de Lavado y Secado

1. Lavar a mano en agua fría con el detergente habitual.
2. No frotar ni escurrir.
3. No utilizar suavizante.
4. No lavar en la lavadora.
5. No usar secadora.
6. No secar en microondas o con secador de pelo.
7. Se puede lavar también con un paño húmedo o toallita.


La tecnología Ecodry protege las 24 horas los 7 días a la semana. No es necesario el lavado de las mascarillas después de cada uso, aunque por razones higiénicas se recomienda hacerlo una vez a la semana.

Se garantiza el cumplimiento de todos los requisitos de las mascarillas en un número máximo de 10 ciclos de lavado.

Advertencias de uso

Esta mascarilla no es un producto sanitario según se define en la Directiva 93/42/CEE o en el Reglamento UE /2017/745
mascarillas quirúrgicas), ni tampoco es un equipo de protección individual según se define en el Reglamento UE/2016/425 (equipos de protección respiratoria).

Verifica siempre que la mascarilla está correctamente colocada y que cubre nariz, boca y mentón. Se recomienda llevar puesta sobre la piel desnuda; las barbas pueden reducir la eficacia de filtración por debajo de los límites establecidos. El uso de mascarilla no sustituye las medidas de protección (lavado de manos regular, separación física, contacto reducido con otras personas). Minimiza la proyección de las gotitas de saliva respiratorias del usuario en el medio ambiente.

¿Cuánto tiempo puedo usar la mascarilla?

Por su diseño y características no existe un tiempo máximo de uso continuado de la mascarilla. Puedes usar tu Ecodry durante las 24 horas del día los 7 días de la semana.

¿Puedo utilizar la mascarilla mientras practico deporte?

Si, por supuesto. Por su índice de respirabilidad y ergonomía las mascarillas Ecodry son perfectas para la práctica deportiva

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