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Anti-COVID-19 school case - 301

Anti-COVID-19 school case - 301

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Anti-COVID-19 school case, washable and reusable.


Active SARS-COV2 (COVID19) present on this products fabric surface kill the virus, bacteria and fungi in less than two hours.

This item is made f rom Ecodry smart, which is also waterproof and free of chemical additives.

This product is washable and reusable.

70% Viscose (natural cotton)
30% Polyester


How should I wash my Ecodry accesory?
Just like face masks, accessories with Ecodry technology don´t need to be washed because their fabric is sanitising, thanks to their biocidal properties (that would be like washing tablet soap). In addition, since they're waterproof, they won´t get wet either, just as happens with raincoats.

Does the product lose its anti-COVID-19 properties as you wash it?
No, it doesn´t. Washes do not alter the characteristics of the fabric. Its protective capacity doesn´t change.

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